Tattoo Info
  1. Remove bandage after two hours. Do not rebandage.
  2. No swimming: rivers, lakes, oceans, swimming pools, and hot-tubs are forbidden for at least two weeks.
  3. You should gently wash your tattoo with a mild soap. Do not over do it. Wash tattoo gently and get out of the shower promptly: do not soak tattoo. After bathing pat tattoo dry: do not rub the towel across it. If you rub off the scab, you rub off the tattoo.
  4. Minor scabbing will occur. Do not pick at scab. If you pick off the scab, you pick off your tattoo.
  5. Your tattoo may itch while it heals. Do not scratch it: slap it.
  6. Avoid the sun. The sun will fade a tattoo even after it is healed.
  7. Apply a fragrance free hand lotion to your tattoo three or four times a day.
  8. Call us or stop by if you have a question, comment or whatever.